Helvetica – The movie

Blu-ray Limited Edition «Record» Package

Designed by Experimental Jetset

The Helvetica Blu-ray high-definition disc in a special limited-edition package conceived and designed by Dutch design team Experimental Jetset. The 12″ gatefold record cover holds a 4-panel Blu-ray disc insert in one side and a fold-out poster (60cm x 60cm / 23.5″ x 23.5″) in the other. The whole package comes in a custom black cloth record bag.

Only 1,500 copies have been produced, and this edition will not be reprinted.
Each copy is signed by director Gary Hustwit. Ship date: May 6th.

Traducción libre : Un documental sobre una tipografía, que puede gustar o no, en edición limitada por 125 $, sólo 2 copias por persona.


Link : www.helveticafilm.com